How to apply

Open Call for Proposals

Projects to be supported under thematic objectives of the Programme will be selected through the Open Call for Proposals.
Please, check Guidelines for Grant Applicants setting forth conditions for participation in the open call, selection and implementation of the project, including specific requirements concerning deliverable under the project, the financial plan, and the time-limit for execution.

The grant award process shall be completely impartial and all applications will be treated equally. The proposals shall be assessed by MA/JTS together with Latvian and Russian regional and national authorities, with the advice of independent assessors, where appropriate, using eligibility, evaluation and award criteria published in the Guidelines for Grant Applicants.

Step 1. Submission of the Application

The set of guidelines for Applicants will be made available as soon as they are approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee of the Programme.

Step 2. Application assessment

Administrative compliance: assessment of  the administrative compliance of the application (on the basis of administrative criteria described in the Guidelines for Grant Applicants). Only projects that pass the administrative compliance proceed further to the technical eligibility assessment.

Technical eligibility: assessment of technical eligibility of applicants, partners, expenditure and activities (on the basis of eligibility criteria described in the Guidelines for Grant Applicants).

Quality assessment: assessment of the applications on the basis of quality criteria. Applications are also checked for the risks of double funding and promoting synergies with existing projects. The representatives of the European Union Delegation may be invited to participate in the assessment process as observers to better promote synergies between the Programme and other EU-funded activities in country, where possible. Details of the quality assessment process are available in the Guidelines for Grant Applicants.

Step 3. Selection & Decision

Based on the ranking of the applications in the assessment report provided, the JMC takes decision on approval of final list of projects to be awarded, including the maximum grant amount to be awarded to each of approved applications.

The JMC may approve the application conditionally, indicating a list of corrections to be made. Corrections will not intend to change the content, objectives, main outputs or activities of proposed project.

Following selection of projects, the JTS immediately informs the Lead Applicants about results concerning their proposals and prepare grant contracts.

The MA signs the grant contract with the Lead Beneficiary once all conditions are fulfilled by the project partners.