Programme visual identity

Extended Programme visual identity Horizontal colourful – ZIP (jpg, png, eps)

Extended Programme visual identity Horizontal greyscaleZIP (jpg, png, eps)

Extended Programme visual identity Vertical colourful

Reduced Programme visual identity Horizontal colorful

Reduced Programme visual identity Vertical colorful

 Programme visual identity elements:

1) European Union emblem – (jpg, eps, pdf)

2) Text acknowledging the financial contribution of the Programme participating countries Latvia and Russia and the European Union, ARIAL font: “Co-funded by the European Union, the Republic of Latvia and the Russian Federation”

3) Programme logo

Extended Logo Vertical colourful – jpg, png             Extended Logo Vertical greyscale – jpg, png

Extended Logo Horizontal colourful – jpg, png        Extended Logo Horizontal greyscale – jpg, png

Colours to be used for the Programme logo