Programme visual identity

Extended Programme visual identity Horizontal colourful – ZIP (jpg, png, eps)

Extended Programme visual identity Horizontal greyscaleZIP (jpg, png, eps)

Reduced Programme visual identity Horizontal colourful – ZIP (jpg, png, eps)

Reduced Programme visual identity Horizontal greyscale – ZIP (jpg, png, eps)

 Programme visual identity elements:

1) European Union emblem – (jpg, eps, pdf)

2) Text acknowledging the financial contribution of the Programme participating countries Latvia and Russia and the European Union, ARIAL font: “Co-funded by the European Union, the Republic of Latvia and the Russian Federation”

3) Programme logo

Extended Logo Vertical colourful – jpg, png             Extended Logo Vertical greyscale – jpg, png

Extended Logo Horizontal colourful – jpg, png        Extended Logo Horizontal greyscale – jpg, png

Reduced Logo Vertical colourful –  jpg, png             Reduced Logo Vertical greyscale – jpg, png

Reduced Logo Horizontal colourful –  jpg, png        Reduced Logo Horizontal greyscale – jpg, png

Colours to be used for the Programme logo