Preservation and promotion of the cultural and historical heritage in Latvia and Russia




15 days

Business and SME development

Summary of the project

The project aims at promotion of culture heritage tourism in programme area by restoring heritage objects and developing cross-border tourism solutions with the highest potential for raising of number of tourists and visitors. Implemented activities will stimulate active and sustainable use of restored heritage objects; raise confidence of tourists, tourism and heritage specialists on tourism promotion, place marketing and heritage objects of the cross-border region. Heritage objects that will be restored and equipped within the project are abandoned and are not usable today. In result of project activities they will adapted for new functions that will stimulate tourism flow to the programme’s area with new tourism products and services. It is planned that 19350 more tourists will visit restored objects till 2023 in comparison to 2015, as at least 3 new tourism objects and services will be available there. Partners from three different regions in Latvia and Russia will cooperate for the development of new tourism route, promotion of restored heritage sites and tourism route, overall tourism facilities in the region, by preparing and disseminating tourism information materials, publishing up-to-date information on project progress in web-pages and social media, advertising project’s solutions during press-visits and Open Door Days. Big cross-border events should attract many end users of project results: local inhabitants and tourists. Together with training seminar for specialists, published materials and conducted archive research, project will improve place capacity and strengthen confidence of target groups (local citizens, tourists, SMEs) about tourism possibilities in the programme’s area.

Total budget:

  • Programme co-financing - 3 120 00

List of partners:

  • State Joint Stock Company "State Real Estate"
  • Pskov City Adninistration
  • Cesvaine County Council
  • Daugavpils City Council

Lead Beneficiary:

State Joint Stock Company "State Real Estate"


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Project manager:

  • Name: Artjoms
  • Surname: Mahļins
  • Institution: Daugavpils City Council
  • Email:
  • Phone number: +371 654 76803