Shaping future together: 3rd Joint Programming Committee meeting

On March 31, Latvia-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Joint Programming Committee (JPC) met to discuss the vision of the following programming period 2021-2027. The online meeting welcomed the representatives of national authorities – from Latvia and Russia – and the European Commission, representatives of the participating regions in the Programme territory, TESIM expert and consultants.

The JPC members are working tirelessly to address the current and future issues of the cross-border territories. Given the constraints of today’s agenda, they are looking for the best organizational solutions that will enable broader and more efficient involvement of local citizens along Latvia-Russia border into mutually beneficial cooperation in the spheres of their particular interest.

We are pleased to observe the new Program’s opportunities becoming more outlined, the administrative matters – more sound and transparent, and the areas of cooperation – even more inspiring and welcoming.

The JPC moves on with the programming process to create a durable foundation to support cross-border cooperation between Latvia and Russia.


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