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Craftsmanship without Borders

In “Craftsmanship without Borders” (Crafts) project local municipalities will strengthen their joint tourism attractiveness by educating, training and supporting artisans in 15 locations in Latvia-Russia cross-border territories. The project offers four answers to the question what unites crafts over borders: metalworking, textile including weaving and sewing, woodworking and ceramics and glass. 8 project partners will […]

Parks without borders

The project “Parks without borders” aims to set up the cross-border cooperation between the Programme regions of Latvia and Russia in order to develop efficient management of 7 nature objects: Spārīte park (Gulbene), Juzefova park (Daugavpils county), Preiļi Manor Park (Preiļi), Shchiglitsy Manor Park (Pskov disctict), City Square (Porkhov), Open Air park (Velikie Luki), Retro-park […]

Not just books – libraries for supporting entrepreneurship!

“Not just books – libraries for supporting entrepreneurship!” (“Not just books”) is aiming at supporting entrepreneurship in North Latgale (Latvia) and Pskov region (Russia) by involving libraries in improving business skills and spirit among locals. Balvi municipality and Dedovichi District Central Library supported by Association “Creative Ideas”, will continue their well-established cooperation to work on […]