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Pskov State University

Objective: Development of Latvia-Russia SME cross-border cooperation platform with the following opportunities: on-line SME fair for products and services, normative framework for export-import operations specific for Russia-Latvia economic relation; consultations on SME on foreign trade; seminars and workshops for SMEs in rural areas of Latvia and Russia with the aim of their integration and joint […]

Enterprising Education in Russia and Latvia

Description of your project idea The objective of the project is to improve the attitudes in society towards enterprising and therefore improve regional competitiveness. Enterprising is a dynamic and social process where individuals identify opportunities and make something out of them in order to transform ideas into practical and aim oriented activities within social, cultural […]

Integrated monitoring and modelling for water ecosystems assessment in transboundary river basins (TRANSECOS)

Description of your project idea The overall objective of TRANSECOS project is to contribute to protection of Velikaja River Basin’ waters from eutrophication and pollution with organic and other polluting substances, and to protection of water ecosystems especially within national parks and reserves areas. It is to be achieved by elaborating common methodology for assessing […]