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Baltic Nutrition and Health Federation

One of the main goals of the BN&HF is the education of the public on health and nutrition issues. The association brings together healthcare professionals as well as those who care about these issues.

Forecasting emergencies and improvement the readiness to emergency situations

Description of your project idea Raising capacity of local and regional authorities in responding to the emergency situation; development of joint monitoring and warning systems and tools for better preparing to extraordinary situations; reducing possible damage to environment of the programme territory. Expected Results Infrastructure, tools and trained staff for risks assessment (on an example […]

Сreation of conditions for the provision of high-tech information services based on local resources

Description of your project idea Сreation of a new kind of services based on local resources; raising the regional digital development level for the improvement of regional attractiveness; improving education; increasing of the quantity and quality of high-tech information services for population and business; creation of new high-tech jobs. Expected Results Infrastructure and trained staff […]