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Daugavpils Rural Municipal Council

Bilateral actions for involving local inhabinants and local municipalities in detection and destruction of polluted and potentially polluted areas, for speeding up the pollution destruction process by development of a practical model of operation plan, for raising environmental awareness and knowledge, incl.testing and demonstration of effective and accessible biosanitation methods for petrochemical product pollution.

Culture Department of Daugavpils District Municipality

Border area is a place where different cultures mix together. Culture Department of Daugavpils District Municipality is looking forward to re-create habits, cross cultural communication, tourism habits and the ability to solve problems through dialogue and cooperation forming cultural environment in border area. Cross-border cooperation is considered as a most important factor for changing existing […]

Rezekne Municipality

The project aims to set up a tourism and natural awareness infrastructure in National Parks in Latvia and Russia, reducing the anthropological load adjacent to the Natura 2000 areas.