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Latvian Association of Light Industry Enterprises

Study of traditions and specific requirements for clothes in the region of program area, and development of innovative products of light industry using the local business, restore traditional crafts in the region, and attract tourists into the region by developing the cultural tourism.

Enterprising Education in Russia and Latvia

Description of your project idea The objective of the project is to improve the attitudes in society towards enterprising and therefore improve regional competitiveness. Enterprising is a dynamic and social process where individuals identify opportunities and make something out of them in order to transform ideas into practical and aim oriented activities within social, cultural […]

Ready for Business

Description of your project idea The overall objective of the project is to facilitate sustainable development of entrepreneurship in cross-border areas by providing target groups with crucial business-related knowledge, helping them develop necessary skills and competencies, transferring experience of successful entrepreneurs to target groups, as well as showing a complete picture of real-life entrepreneurship through […]