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St.Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise “St.Petersburg Information and Analytical Centre”

Our organization is interested in developing tourism objects and ecological sustainability of forests, lakes and rivers including eco-tourism. Expected Results: the attractiveness of natural resource of the cross-border area is increased. Target groups/Beneficiaries: citizens/local inhabitants, tourists, companies. Main Planned Activities: promotion of sustainable tourism products and services, developing new solutions, seminars and workshops.

ООО "Новое дело"

Производство оборудования для дорожных и строительных лабораторий, пищевых производств

Forecasting emergencies and improvement the readiness to emergency situations

Description of your project idea Raising capacity of local and regional authorities in responding to the emergency situation; development of joint monitoring and warning systems and tools for better preparing to extraordinary situations; reducing possible damage to environment of the programme territory. Expected Results Infrastructure, tools and trained staff for risks assessment (on an example […]