Updated Communication Guidelines are now in force

Communication and Visibility Guidelines for Project Beneficiaries for Latvia-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 (hereinafter – Communication Guidelines), have been updated and are now offered for the attention of all project beneficiaries.

The updated Communication Guidelines have been approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee of Latvia-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 on 06 January, 2020.

We have updated our Communication Guidelines to grant faster and easier approach to compliance with participating countries’ requirements to communication and visibility for projects. Here are some key points for your thorough attention regarding Communication Guidelines application:

  • expenditures incurred before the date of approval of these Communication Guidelines: all expenditures incurred before the date of approval of these Communication Guidelines and in line with the Communication Guidelines in force at the moment of the expenditure, are eligible if all applicable eligibility rules were fulfilled. Also, all already purchased promo materials / handouts / display panels etc. can be used to ensure Programme visibility;
  • procurement started before the date of approval of these Communication Guidelines: in case a project beneficiary has launched procurement for communication and visibility purposes before the date of approval of these Communication Guidelines, the expenditures within the respective procurement may be deemed eligible. For this purpose, the project beneficiary must provide supporting documents clearly stating the date of procurement procedure / request for quote, and must ensure compliance with all eligibility rules applicable either on the date of launching the procurement or on the date when the expenditure was incurred;
  • procurement started and related expenditures incurred after the the date of approval of these Communication Guidelines: all activities must be in compliance with these Communication Guidelines.

Most updates can be found in Section 4 of the Communication Guidelines relating to the Programme visual identity. To simplify your work, we now offer three options of Programme visual identity meeting all related mandatory visibility requirements:

  • horizontal extended
  • vertical extended
  • reduced

Each of them can be downloaded from our website and used straight away – as a holistic combination of all mandatory elements. Therefore, beneficiaries from Russia are not obliged to provide the same information regarding any of the Programme visual identity mandatory elements additionally when project activities are taking place in the territory of Russia.

For your convenience, we have temporarily uploaded a version of the Communication Guidelines with all updated elements highlighted. Please go through the updated document and get ready to ask any question you have at the forthcoming communication webinars on 28 or 29 January, 2020. Registration for the webinars will be opened soon.

In case of urgent questions please do not hesitate to contact your information manager.

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