European Cooperation Day in Gatchina

The Festival “Cross-Border Cooperation – Meeting point of Cultures” aims to introduce wider audience from St Petersburg and Leningrad region to achievements, benefits and opportunities delivered by cross-border cooperation, which unites people across borders to meet common challenges and to contribute to wellbeing of the regions.

In practical terms the event will:

  • focus participants on economic, cultural and environmental aspects of cross-border cooperation by involving children and adults in the scope of entertaining activities.
  • Contribute to good neighborhood among the countries – Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Russia.
  • Contribute to development of sense of tolerance and cooperation among younger generations.
  • Get young students going on cultural, environmental and other specific features of countries involved in the CBC programmes – Estonia, Finland, Latvia.
  • Provide stakeholders with platform for informal discussions on prospects of cross-border cooperation.

We expect to welcome around 130 participants, including visitors of Gatchina park and palace, young students and teachers from Gatchina art schools, CBC projects people, representatives of border participating regions and national communities, Councils General of Finland, Latvia and Estonia, local and regional authorities of St Petersburg and Leningrad Region, and other stakeholders.

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Telling story about borders

Latvia-Russia CBC Programme was awarded an honorable opportunity to join a long term campaign that is initiated by TESIM in the framework of the European Cooperation Day 2017. The aim of this campaign is to create a dialogue between young people on the reality of border regions and the importance of these regions, even those far from the external borders.

European Cooperation Day celebrated in Riga

On 16 September 2017, Latvia-Russia CBC Programme joined forces with other cross-border and territorial cooperation programmes in organising an open-air event in the very heart of Riga to celebrate European Cooperation Day.

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