European Cooperation Day in Pskov

Hanseatic business breakfast

On 22 September in Pskov, Russia, local students and professionals in tourism-related spheres will discuss the perks and challenges of becoming a professional and doing business in a cross-border area. In addition, discussion will be linked to the coming Hanseatic days in Pskov (June 2019). We will cover three core topics:

  • Hansa economy: doing business and managing public sector in cross-border area
  • Hansa culture: merging cross-border traditions in modern catering and textile design
  • Hansa regional branding: local and regional promotion tools in mass media and tourist information

European Cooperation Spot

We will continue with a special European Cooperation spot at the historical fair “Voyevoda Shujsky”. Our work&play tent will be open to all local visitors to promote CBC Programmes and European Cooperation Day. We will offer

  • Quiz on Programme related topics
  • Tasting local cuisine
  • Trying on national costumes

All activities are prepared and conducted in close cooperation with Estonia-Russia CBC Programme.

More information about the European Cooperation Day at

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European Cooperation Day celebration in Pskov

Latvia-Russia CBC Programme in cooperation with Estonia-Russia CBC Programme celebrated European Cooperation Day on the 22nd of September in Pskov with a Hanseatic business breakfast.

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