Experience exchange that inspired us

On May 28, the team of project and information managers of the Latvia-Russia CBC Programme, together with the most experienced project managers from almost all of 21 projects, attempted to redefine “experience exchange” in our new online era. And we did it!

Most projects under Latvia-Russia CBC Programme are about to complete their activities in the nearest year. The partners have been together for over three or even four years now, facing absolutely various challenges that appeared in their journey of cross-border cooperation. They have already acquired invaluable and unique experiences in dealing with shaping partnerships, applying for the project, and granting its sustainability in the future.

We started with three group discussions in comfortable online spaces enjoying a relaxed and safe atmosphere to share views on how projects and partnerships could be made better in the following periods and what could be improved already today.

Then we moved on to case studies – fake but surprisingly realistic examples of malfunctioning project communications offering the participants to look at the opportunities for improvement. The exercise resulted in an enhanced exchange of ideas with 15 tips for successful cross-border project cooperation.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the participants for their Courage to share opinions, their Benign advice to each other, and their Commitment to finding joint solutions to challenges. That’s what a true CBC is!

Interestingly, sometimes the solutions to the same challenge from different projects were almost opposing but still working well. How could that be? Check our webinar materials to learn more: https://latruscbc.eu/publications/downloads/

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