Guidelines for Direct Award Project Applicants approved

The revised and updated Guidelines for direct award project applicants (hereinafter- Guidelines) with annexes were approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee on 8 May 2017 and now are available on the Programme website.

This document provides direct award project applicants with the information on the process for the preparation of the project full application form, including other information until project contracting.

In February 2017 the European Commission approved project summary forms of all four direct award projects of Latvia-Russia CBC Programme 2014-2020 and now the applicants and partners will be invited to prepare and submit full applications.

Direct award projects are large infrastructure projects that were jointly identified by the Programme participating countries and therefore are selected using direct award procedure.

Browse through the portfolios of all direct award projects of Latvia-Russia CBC Programme.

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Four direct award projects approved

On 29 October 2018, the European Commission approved the full application forms of direct award projects that were proposed to be financed within the Latvia-Russia CBC Programme 2014-2020.

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