St.Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise “St.Petersburg Information and Analytical Centre”

St.Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "St.Petersburg Information and Analytical Centre"

2.1. Efficient management of nature objects 2.1. Efficient management of nature objects

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St. Petersburg

Liudmila Kucher, +7(981)-173-30-27,

59 Cherniakhovskogo str., 191040, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

SPb IAC has extensive experience and strong capacities in the sphere of international cooperation, management and implementation of international projects, supporting SMEs in establishing international contacts and developing business, technological and research cooperation with international partners. The organization experts are well aware of international projects management and implementation. Since 2006 the organization has participated in a number of EU-funded international projects, including: Development of Internet-based Interactive Government to Business Services in Northwest Russia (G2B NWR) (Tacis); Finnish-Russian Innovation Center; Cross-Border ICT Business Bridge; EstRuCluster Development (BSR InterReg III B); Two Model Open Innovation Platform Approach. The following international projects were implemented within ENPI CBC Programme 2007-2013: SE312 Innovation and Business Cooperation (InnoBus), SE500 Waste Management, SE396 Improving Social Services, SE703 IMU - Integrated Multilingual E-services for Business Communication, ELRI-167 Cross-Border E-archive.

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Experience in international projects participation, interest in sustainability of natural resources and support of infrastructure objects.

Our organization is interested in developing tourism objects and ecological sustainability of forests, lakes and rivers including eco-tourism.

Expected Results: the attractiveness of natural resource of the cross-border area is increased.
Target groups/Beneficiaries: citizens/local inhabitants, tourists, companies.
Main Planned Activities: promotion of sustainable tourism products and services, developing new solutions, seminars and workshops.