Guidelines for DAP Applicants


In English (approved by the JMC on 5 May 2017)


Annex 1_Direct Award Project summary form

Annex 2_Requirements for evaluation of project summary form

Annex 3_Written recommendation of the JMC for the shortlist of projects to be selected

Annex 4_Requirements for evaluation of full application

Annex 5_Written recommendation of the JMC for the final list of projects selected

Annex 6_Direct Award Project application form

Annex 7_Instructions how to fill in the application form

Annex 8_Partnership statement

Annex 9_Letter of endorsement by the associate

Annex 10_Financial flow form

Annex 11_Financial identification form

Annex 13_Checklist for the Managing Authority submitting direct award full project applications to the European Commission

Grant Contract (updated)

Partnership Agreement (updated)