Information on project audits during COVID-19 pandemic

The Audit Authority of Latvia-Russia Programme would like to inform all project beneficiaries on the following.

According to the Section 5.1.5. of Latvia-Russia Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 the Audit Authority shall ensure that audits are carried out on an appropriate sample of projects. Project audits shall be carried out during the time period year 2020 – year 2024. Due to Covid-19 pandemic restriction measures, beneficiaries shall be prepared to ensure access to the electronic versions of expenditure supporting documents (including evidence on project deliverables, in particular photos, videos, etc.). Audit trail via electronic means will be required for the project audit purposes performed by the Audit Authority or an external audit company working on behalf of the Audit Authority in the territory of the Russian Federation. In case if there is a need to perform on-spot checks in locations of project activities, the respective beneficiary shall be ready to use video-call devices as well as tools that ensure computer screen sharing to demonstrate project accounting system.

Audits will be done on a sample basis. The sampled beneficiaries will be informed about the planned audit via e-mail 3 weeks before the start of the audit.

Information in Latvian: 

Information in Russian:информация-на-русском-языке/ 

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