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630 Versts Full of Feelings

The “630 Versts Full of Feelings” project strengthens historical and cultural capacity of the cross-border area and contributes to socio-economic development of Vidzeme and Latgale regions in Latvia, Pskov region and St Petersburg in Russia. The project develops and promotes a new tourist route – Sense Tour – by bridging together nature, culture and history. […]

Improvement of border crossing point Terehova-Burachki

“EKI-Terehova” project (Improvement of border crossing point Terehova-Burachki) is another direct award project aimed at border facilities improvement and implemented in close partnership between State JSC “State Real Estate” (Riga, Latvia) and Committee for economic development and investment policy of the Pskov region (Pskov, Russia). The project activities will be concentrated at one border crossing […]

Improvement of the border crossing approach road Lavry – BCP “Brunishevo”

“Cross-border roads” project (Improvement of the border crossing approach road Lavry – BCP “Brunishevo”) continues efforts on improving border crossing experiences of those travelling through the border between Latvia and Russia. During the previous programme period, the border crossing facilities on Russian side of the border crossing point Brunishevo – Pededze have been improved. However, […]