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Pure water for programme regions

“Pure water for programme regions” project contributes to higher quality of drinking water and raising the awareness of sustainable water consumption in Pskov region (Russia) and Latgale region (Latvia). Currently, water intake in Pskov comes directly from local river Velikaya failing to meet national quality standards. Challenging purification process of this water leads to discharges […]

Entrepreneurship, women and advice: a network of resource centers in the border areas

The project “Entrepreneurship, women and advice: a network of resource centers  in the border areas” (EWA) contributes to development of socio-economic potential of women constituting significant part of economically active population of the Programme regions. Targeting women ensures contribution to overcoming local challenges in demography and labor market, as women often find themselves among vulnerable […]

Craftsmanship without Borders

In “Craftsmanship without Borders” (Crafts) project local municipalities will strengthen their joint tourism attractiveness by educating, training and supporting artisans in 15 locations in Latvia-Russia cross-border territories. The project offers four answers to the question what unites crafts over borders: metalworking, textile including weaving and sewing, woodworking and ceramics and glass. 8 project partners will […]