Versts of Feelings

Versts of Feelings



30 months

Business and SME development

Development and promotion of new products and services based on local resources


Summary of the project

The European Commission has suspended the cooperation with the Russian Federation within this Programme and participation of Russian beneficiaries in project implementation is suspended as well.

630 Versts full of Feelings created a new joint cross-border tourism product based on sensory experience and emotions on the Programme territory spanning from St. Petersburg to Kraslava municipality and to promote it by using modern solutions and technologies.

Project results: Cross-border tourist route “Versts of Feelings” delivers a unique sensorial experience on the water, in the air, and at the heart of nature. The route is supported by promo video, travel guideEN, RU, LV, DE, interactive mapEN, RU, LV, and mobile app.


– 350 meter Zipline (Tempļakalna parks, Alūksne) with the max speed of 50 km/h is the fastest and longest descent over water in Latvia.

Alūksne New Castle (Pils iela 74, Alūksne) – grand piano restored, mural paintings conserved, fortepiano and organ rooms restored.

“Visit Alūksne” website run by Alūksne Tourism Information Centre (TIC) (Pils iela 25A, Alūksne) created

– Interactive information stand purchased and installed at the Alūksne TIC.

The State Museum “Pavlovsk”

Historical trail ferry and its inland pier at the Rose Pavilion Pond in Pavlovsk Park (СПб, г. Павловск, Садовая ул., 20) reconstructed.

– The Atlas of Pavlovsk (1799) restored. Ordered by the Emperor Paul I it contains a series of historical technical drawing and miniature pictures of buildings and landscape of Pavlovsk palace and park.

– Interactive information stand purchased and installed at the “Theatre Gates” – the entrance to Pavlovsk Park; Direction signs inside the Park installed.

– The Pavlovsk Park cycling routes Guidebook.

State History, Architecture, Nature and Landscape Museum and Reserve Izborsk

Online nature observation on the website of the State History, Architecture, Nature and Landscape Museum Reserve Izborsk (Псковская область, Печорский район, д. Изборск, ул. Печорская, д. 39)

Latvian manors and palace supported within the project:

– Litene manor (Litene, Litene Pagasts) – 3600 virtual photo tour; historical costumes, tables, chairs and tableware purchased.

– Luznava manor (Pils iela 8, Lūznava) – 3600 virtual photo tour; bat watching equipment

– Krāslava palace (Pils iela 2, Krāslava) – 3600 virtual photo tour; historical costumes, outdoor games and  telescope

– Preili manor and park (Raiņa bulvāris 30, Preiļi) – park equipment and outdoor percussions; historical costumes

– Arendole manor (Rožkalni Parish) – sound equipment

– Varaklani manor (Pils ielā 27, Varakļāni) – sound equipment


Project Summary (15.05.2019)

The “630 Versts Full of Feelings” project strengthens historical and cultural capacity of the cross-border area and contributes to socio-economic development of Vidzeme and Latgale regions in Latvia, Pskov region and St Petersburg in Russia.

The project develops and promotes a new tourist route – Sense Tour – by bridging together nature, culture and history. Most of objects on the route are located aside of mainstream tourist flows, therefore, enhancement of attractiveness of these objects creates beneficial conditions for local entrepreneurs providing accommodation and catering facilities, souvenirs, events and performances.

The Sense Tour will contribute the latest trend of personalized tourist services and tackle the challenge of increasing competition in tourism sector. The project aims to develop new services engaging sensorial experience of visitors, and using ICT technologies combined with traditional methods of reconstruction of older times. Such innovative services will be developed for Izborsk reserve and museum (Russia), Kraslava Manor, Luznava Manor, Preili Manor Park, Arendole, Varaklani and Litene (Latvia).

The project will also discover new possibilities for joint local heritage objects, including creation of new Zip-line attraction in Aluksne (Latvia) and restoration of the Fortepiano and Organ room original paintings in Aluksne New castle (Latvia) and ferry wharfs in Pavlovsk park (Russia). The tourism sector employees will improve their professional skill through organizing masterclasses, conferences and other related events.

Project budget:

  • Total budget - 869 385.00 EUR
  • Programme co-financing - 720 000.00 EUR

List of partners:

  • Aluksne Municipality
  • Museum Reserve "Pavlovsk"
  • Federal State budgetary institution of culture "Pskov-Izborsk Integrated Museum Reserve"
  • Latvian Association of Castles, Palaces and Manors (LPMA)

Lead Beneficiary:

Aluksne Municipality

11 Darza street, Aluksne, LV-4301



Total partner budget:

279 999.00 EUR

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