42 month

Business and SME development

Development and promotion of new products and services based on local resources

Summary of the project

The European Commission has suspended the cooperation with the Russian Federation within this Programme and participation of Russian beneficiaries in project implementation is suspended as well.

In “Craftsmanship without Borders” (Crafts) project local municipalities will strengthen their joint tourism attractiveness by educating, training and supporting artisans in 15 locations in Latvia-Russia cross-border territories.

The project offers four answers to the question what unites crafts over borders: metalworking, textile including weaving and sewing, woodworking and ceramics and glass. 8 project partners will concentrate their efforts on helping local craftsmen to use local resources and traditional technologies for producing products in modern design that would attract the attention of a potential buyer.

80 artisans on both sides of the border will be directly involved in the following project activities:

  • theoretical capacity building courses, 3-day creative workshops and cross-border networking fairs;
  • modernization of craftmanship equipment in Riebini, Kraslava, Ilukste, Aglona, Rugaji, Preili, Livani, Cibla, Porhov and Pskov;
  • improvement of infrastructure for tourism promotion in Daugavpils, Luznava, Balvi, Andrupene, Berkenele and Porhov;
  • a set of promotion events including joint internet platform, production and dissemination of visual stories and information materials.
In addition to local citizens, the project aims to benefit the growing number of tourists visiting Latgale-Pskov
region (1.7 million in 2017) by offering them a joint cross-border tradition packed into a modern creative product
waiting for them in remote but advanced municipalities of Latvia and Russia.

Project budget:

  • Total budget - 799 740.50 EUR
  • Programme co-financing - 719 766.45 EUR

List of partners:

  • Latgale Planning Region
  • Daugavpils City Council
  • Rezekne Municipality
  • Balvi Municipality
  • Kraslava District Municipality Dagda City and Parish Union
  • Augsdaugava Municipality
  • Porhov County Administration of Pskov Region
  • Foundation for Guarantee and Development of Entrepreneurship of Pskov Region

Lead Beneficiary:

Latgale Planning Region

Atbrīvošanas aleja 95, Rēzekne, LV-4600, Latvia


Phone: +371 65 428 111



Total partner budget:

228 480.00 EUR

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