36 months

Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation

Efficient management of nature objects

Summary of the project

The European Commission has suspended the cooperation with the Russian Federation within this Programme and participation of Russian beneficiaries in project implementation is suspended as well.

“Introduction of innovative interactive methods for improvement of town nature objects and formation of a more environment-friendly awareness in the society and nature tourism sector in Latgale and Pskov regions” project contributes to more attractive Latgale and Pskov regions for locals and visitors by tackling three components:

Improvement of nature objects: Town park in Ludza and Gogol public garden in Sebezh, including construction of equipped outdoor environmental classrooms to raise children awareness of nature and contribute to tourist flow growth.

The parks in Ludza and Sebezh will be livened up with reconstructed paths, planted greenery, installed lighting and digital info stands. The stands will serve both educational and tourism purposes providing interactive information and a video game about plants, animals and nature objects of the regions.

In addition, two workshops on both sides of the border will be organized for sculptors working with wood and concrete. The art pieces created during these workshops will be exhibited in Ludza town park and on the bank of Sebezh Lake.

Environmental education foresees development and delivery of innovative cycle of nature classes and two exchange visits for schoolchildren from both municipalities. For environmental specialists the project will arrange four joint seminars to increase their expertise.

Environmental awareness raising among locals and tourists will be reinforced by dissemination of brochures about the project activities and results (3K copies), publications in social media, print media and local TV.

The beneficiaries consider that improved nature objects will be widely used for educating young people and informing locals and visitors about friendly attitude to nature as well as contribute to development of nature tourism in the border area.

Project budget:

  • Total budget - 367 794.00 EUR
  • Programme co-financing - 331 014.60 EUR

List of partners:

  • Ludza Municipality
  • Sebezh district Administration

Lead Beneficiary:

Ludza Municipality

Raiņa street 16, Ludza, Ludzas novads, LV-5701, Latvia


Phone: +371 657 074 00



Total partner budget:

251 725.00 EUR

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