Not just books

Not just books



26 months

Business and SME development

Promotion of and support to entrepreneurship


Summary of the project

The European Commission has suspended the cooperation with the Russian Federation within this Programme and participation of Russian beneficiaries in project implementation is suspended as well.

Not just books – libraries for supporting entrepreneurship!” (“Not just books”) supported entrepreneurship in North Latgale (Latvia) and Pskov region (Russia) by involving libraries in improving business skills and spirit among locals.

After over 2 years of committed and persistent work the project partners:

– Created comfortable and accessible spaces with a core set of resources for business meetings, networking, and training in Balvi Central library (Tirgus Street 7, Balvi), North Latgale Business and Tourism Centre (Vidzemes Street 2b, Balvi) and NGO Creative Ideas in Latvia and Dedovichi District Central library (Pionerskaya Street 10, Dedovichi), Krasny gorki library (Sinereckaya Street 39, Krasnogorsk) and Poselkovy library (Energetikov Street 6, Dedovichi) in Russia;

– Provided individual support to 44 small businesses in Latvia and Russia;

– Made trade market equipment available to local businesses in Balvi (Tirgus Street 7) and Dedovichi (Pionerskaya Street 10);

– Improved staff knowledge and skills to provide accessible and invaluable support to local entrepreneurs;

– Provided valuable and inspiring business literature to libraries in Latvia and Russia;

– Developed an online manual for businesses giving advice on the use of IT technologies:;

Started a cycle of exhibitions “Meet & Greet an Entrepreneur” which showcases products of North Latgale businesses;

Established cooperation with local schools to promote business start-ups among youth;

– Organised a series of topical seminars for existing & future entrepreneurs, etc.


More about project results: “Not just books” building business hubs in libraries!


Project Summary (31.05.2019.)

“Not just books – libraries for supporting entrepreneurship!” (“Not just books”) is aiming at supporting entrepreneurship in North Latgale (Latvia) and Pskov region (Russia) by involving libraries in improving business skills and spirit among locals.

Balvi municipality and Dedovichi District Central Library supported by Association “Creative Ideas”, will continue their well-established cooperation to work on a distinctive and specific challenge for their territories. With limited local market opportunities and far distances to major economic centers, these project partners will support microbusinesses and self-employed persons in strengthening capacities and improving sustainability of their business in challenging conditions.

Project activities involving 3 local business development organisations and 40 small enterprises, will include:

  • improvement of services and equipment for business support organisations and renovations in libraries (6 facilities in total);
  • 2 study visits and joint summer school for libraries, municipalities and NGOs working with entrepreneurs;
  • set of activities under a joint heading “Local Buzz: Local and international activities for facilitating entrepreneurship” with individual consultations, trainings, online manual and targeted support to local entrepreneurs willing to tap on bigger markets (over 50 activities in total).


The pressing cross-border character of the project is confirmed by the fact that 3 associated partners have joined the work, among them is Bauska Central Library with valuable experience in creating business libraries and entrepreneurship education centres in libraries in Latvia and Lithuania. Also, Central Library Systems of Dnovsky and Porhovsky Districts will participate in knowledge transfer and disseminate further entrepreneurship support via libraries.

Project budget:

  • Total budget - 250 000.00 EUR
  • Programme co-financing - 225 000.00 EUR

List of partners:

  • Association "Creative Ideas"
  • Balvi municipality
  • Municipality budget culture institution "Dedovichi District Central Library"

Lead Beneficiary:

Association "Creative Ideas"

Vesetas street 30 - 61, LV-1013, Riga, Latvia



Total partner budget:

109127.55 EUR

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