Pure Water

Pure Water



30 months

Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation

Support to sustainable waste and waste water management systems


Summary of the project

The European Commission has suspended the cooperation with the Russian Federation within this Programme and participation of Russian beneficiaries in project implementation is suspended as well.

Pure water for programme regions” project contributes to higher quality of drinking water and raising the awareness of sustainable water consumption in Pskov region (Russia) and Latgale region (Latvia).

Currently, water intake in Pskov comes directly from local river Velikaya failing to meet national quality standards. Challenging purification process of this water leads to discharges into a joint basin of Peipsi Lake. The project partners are to implement a sustainable common solution to ensure high quality drinking water supply from the underground layers in Pskov, including

  • drilling and tubing of 2 wells;
  • installation of 7 pavilions equipped with pumping facilities;
  • electrical works;
  • purchase and installation of water and wastewater treatment facilities.


As the result of aforementioned infrastructure activities, it is expected that water intake capacity will be increased to 42 000 m3/day and decrease of discharged waste water in capacity of 7000 m3/day will be implemented.

Water treatment professionals will be trained to use recent technologies and solutions in water supply and wastewater treatment. Decision makers will be introduced to cutting-edge approaches for more focused and sustainable water management. Trainings will be supported by experience exchange events by Latgale and Pskov.

The project will also focus on awareness raising among locals on both sides of the border (200K of inhabitants in Pskov and over 270K inhabitants in Latgale region) offering a variety of public campaigns:

  • “Water Journey” and “Small Aquatic Creatures” interactive installations (exhibition) (Latgale region);
  • “Day of Water” festival bringing locals better skills of responsible water management (Pskov);
  • handy information will be provided on the most used water management document – monthly utility bills thus virtually reaching every family (Pskov).

Project budget:

  • Total budget - 3 888 888.89 EUR
  • Programme co-financing - 3 500 000.00 EUR

List of partners:

  • Municipal Enterprise of Pskov city "Gorvodokanal"
  • Latgale Planning Region

Lead Beneficiary:

Municipal Enterprise of Pskov city "Gorvodokanal"

Sovetskoi Armii street, 49a, Pskov, 180004, Russia

Pskov region

Phone: +7 811 2 792 005

E-mail: office@vdkpskov.ru

Web: vdkpskov.ru

Total partner budget:

3 778 888.89 EUR

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