Sticky Urban Areas

Sticky Urban Areas



36 months

Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation

Efficient management of nature objects

Summary of the project

The European Commission has suspended the cooperation with the Russian Federation within this Programme and participation of Russian beneficiaries in project implementation is suspended as well.

Rēzekne and Ostrov are both riverfront cities based in the cross-border territory facing common environmental challenges and moving towards sustainable and effective use of natural water resources. Two city rivers – Rēzekne and Velikaya – are partially located in the historical centres and have a great potential for a considerable increase of attractiveness of these territories for inhabitants and visitors.

Rēzekne City Council and Latvia University of Life Sciences joined efforts with Administration of Ostrov district and Pskov State University from Russia to improve environment in the cross-border territories via project “Promotion of water resource sustainability for tourism and attractiveness of CBC of Rēzekne & Ostrov” (Sticky urban areas).

The project will contribute to improvement of environmental condition and infrastructure of Rēzekne and Velikaya rivers, maintaining the balance of social, economic and environmental factors. To develop more accessible urban waterfronts the project will implement the following activities:

  • Reconstruction of river bank: in Rēzekne city improvements though attractive design objects, landscaping elements, boating stations, walking paths and greenery along the river; in Ostrov city – focus on the central part of the river, developing the central part of the city, nearby objects of historic importance;
  • Creation of BLUE PASSPORTS – extensive descriptions on both project sites, including new sustainable interactive waterfront tourism routes and attractions;
  • Production of materials for eco-quests,
  • Research “Preventing water body pollution and flooding” of 2 water basins in Rēzekne and Ostrov,
  • Development of “Integrated resources management manual” to be integrated in two universities’ study programs;
  • Trainings for regional tourism actors and stakeholders,
  • Capacity building workshops for municipalities and scholars.


The input from all four project partners will make urban water resources in Rezekne and Ostrov more sustainable and attractive. Management of water resources will be improved and the balance between fast development and ecology will be maintained. This will contribute to the increased number of visitors to the banks of the rivers, as well as improve overall environmental conditions in Latgale and Pskov region.

Project budget:

  • Total budget - 1 682 831.39 EUR
  • Programme co-financing - 558 919.59 EUR

List of partners:

  • Rēzekne City Council
  • Administration of Ostrov district
  • Latvia University of Life Sciences
  • Pskov State University

Lead Beneficiary:

Rēzekne City Council

Atbrīvošanas aleja 93, Rēzekne, Latvia, LV-4601


Phone: +371 646 07605



Total partner budget:

1 356 282,03 EUR

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