Project “630 Versts Full of Feelings” was successfully completed

In mid-November, one of the most poetic projects supported by the Latvia-Russia CBC Programme 2014-2020, “630 Versts Full of Feelings” was successfully completed!

“Versts of feelings” got focused on the tourist sector development in the Programme area. It took advantage of historical and cultural capacities of Vidzeme, Latgale, Pskov region and St Petersburg to highlight  the landmarks located aside conventional tourist paths, and therefore to contribute to socio-economic development of cross-border region.

The project has implemented the balanced set of infrastructure and soft activities, which became the string of pearls of the new cross-border tourist route “Versts of Feelings”  created by the project team to deliver the unique sensorial experience to the tourists on the water, in the air, and at the heart of nature. The route comprises 9 key landmarks in Pavlovsk, Izborsk, Aluksne, Litene, Varaklani, Preili, Luznava, Arendole and Kraslava as well as many more locations in the vicinities. Now, the travellers setting off for a journey can use the interactive map and mobile app with the virtual narrator to deep dive into local legends and get new impressions.

The project is proud of

  • Construction of Zipline in Aluksne for breath-taking experience of speed and picturesque views.
  • Restoration of grand piano, conservation of mural paintings and restoration of the fortepiano and organ rooms in Aluskne New Castle for exquisite musical and aesthetical experience.
  • Reconstruction of historical trail ferry pier at the inland part of the Rose Pavilion Pond in Pavlovsk Park, reconstruction of the ferry and restoration of the Pavlovsk Atlas (1799) for unconventional jump into history of place.
  • Medieval festival, photos exhibition and online streaming in Izborsk museum and preserve for ultimate time travel.
  • 3600 photo virtual tours in the manors and parks of Latvia (Litene, Luznava, Krāslava) for a travel without leaving the comfort of home.
  • purchased equipment including interactive stands, park and sound equipment, costumes and many more for an outstanding experience, for example, as bat watching.

It is remarkable that during the project closing event in Pavlovsk, every partner emphasized similar feelings and opinions about project development, implementation and future prospects.

  • Longstanding partnership emerged in the previous programming period 2007-2014 between Aluksne Municipality and Pavlovsk Museum was enhanced by new players – Izborsk Museum and Preserve and Latvian Association of Castles, Palaces and Manors. This allowed for more comprehensive and sustainable project with stronger positive impact on the Programme territory;
  • the system of project infrastructure and soft activities was fine-tuned to reach the main project objective – to create new joint cross-border tourism product based on senses and feelings in Programme territory and to promote it by using modern solutions and technologies;
  • importantly, each project partner expressed assurance that the project made dreams come true and that the CBC inspired them to dare for more – planning future and more ambitious cooperation for the benefit of the border regions of Latvia and Russia.

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